Be Warned Ahead of a Trend Change

We apply Chaos Theory to financial markets to detect price tops, bottoms and range breakouts across US individual stocks, index futures and Forex pairs, for intraday and long-term time horizons.

Modern science advantage

ChaosMonitor™ is a quantitative investment research service focusing on precursors to high-impact market events. Our approach originates from advanced research in nonlinear dynamical systems.

Complexity theory, chaos theory and dynamical systems theory are names of related branches of applied mathematics that deal with behaviour of systems that are characterised by complex interaction between their parts with multiple nonlinear feedbacks, and by the system's future states dependence on its current state.

Weather, earthquakes and financial markets are examples of such systems. We can apply methods from the study of thermodynamic phase transitions and discrete scale-invariance  of real-world physical systems to financial time series to find pockets of return predictability

It has become possible to identify specific states of the system (critical points) that lead to radical changes in its behaviour (phase transition). 

ChaosMonitor model analyses several scale-invariant properties of financial time-series, namely logarithmic divergence of time series and their log-periodic oscillations that converge at the "rupture point".

We utilise state of the art AI technology to reduce prediction noise and produce actionable trade ideas and risk alerts in real time across multiple asset classes, geographical markets and investment/trading horizons.

Selected signals

Visit our real-time market demo page and observe trend changes in real time.

Identified extremes of local currency weakness during Turkish Lira crisis of 2018.

Predicted the breakout of a narrow trending range for broad US stock market in September 2018.
Correctly identified a volatility top episode for US stock market.
Accurately detected extreme overbought and oversold conditions for many Forex currency pairs.
Identified long-term top for US equity index.
Identified numerous buying opportunities and sell alerts for individual US stocks and US index futures

Get unique market foresight

Our model constantly scans individual US stocks,  main Forex currency pairs and US stock index and currency futures and provides you with the invaluable trade opportunities and risk alerts with the horizon from one day to several months.